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Does anyone know a little bit about or have artificial sweetener sensitivity? About 6 months ago, I started experiencing tingling in my limbs, muscle weakness, muscle twitches, etc. At the time, I most definitely eating yogurt with artificial sweeteners almost every day and may have been chewing gum and using coffee cream with them as well.

I went through a series of tests for MS, lupus, and all the other autoimmune disorders and none of them were positive (thankfully). While I was in the process of going through these tests, I researched a bunch and decided to cut out dairy as suggested on this site (which included my daily yogurt), stay away from artificial sweeteners and just really limit my sugar intake in general.

Shortly after, my symptoms started going away and for the last five months I've been pretty normal again. Every once in a while, I would feel some tingling here and there but it always seemed to come after I ate something and it would fade within a few hours.

Well, in the past few days, I've started to experience some tingling and muscle twitching again. I was trying to figure out what I might have done differently and realized that I've been chewing Orbit gum the last few days (I think three pieces in total). I had gotten it with a gift for Christmas and I didn't think much of it and started having it. It seems kind of crazy that three pieces would start wreaking havoc on my body again but maybe it has? Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?
Stay away from artificial sweeteners!
They cause m.s like symptoms.
Tip Diet Coke on an ants nest and it will kill them.
There are many names for artificial sugar so do some research on that.

If you want sweetness in food..
Try honey,
The herb Stevia
You can use brown sugar occasionally.

Artificial sugars are nasty and are hidden in a lot of foods especially ones that claim to be ....
'light', 'diet' or 50% less sugar.
A recent UK television programme called 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' quoted the fact that artificial sweeteners such as saccharin et cetera cause a rise in blood sugar levels producing an effect totally contrary to what would normally be expected. The only one they recommended was Stevia which is plant based.
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Yes I remember reading years ago that those nasty sweeteners behave in the body just like sugar. Therefore anyone using them to cut out sugar and lose weight/fat are doing no better than just ising sugar. In fact it is worse because you are adding poisonous chemicals as well plus spending extra $$.

Someone is winning and it is not the users.

Either cut sugar right out, reduce it or use the suggested options.
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