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What does everyone have to say about how much natural sugar is acceptable to consume on a daily/weekly basis. I'm talking about bananas, dates, honey, date honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, etc. I'm being led to believe that MS should be treated like a diabetic from in terms of blood sugar, yet many of these MS-compliant recipes do contain small to moderate amounts of natural sugars. (In fact, I was shocked to see brown sugar and white sugar in some of the recipes.) In any case, I'd be very interested in hearing what the group has to say about this.
Recipes are provided by other forum members, read each one and change it if it does not fit with what you are doing for example I chose to not add EVOO to anything I make.
I don't do any refined sugar (I do occasionally use unrefined sugar) I do eat dates, bananas and sometimes honey. I do not do pears and fresh pineapple and grapes as I have found that consuming those shortly afterwards my legs are bad.
This is not a diebetic diet, it is an avoid processed foods and junk food which really a diabetic should be doing anyway. Insulin does have an imflamatory affect in the body and my taste buds now don't need the sugar/sweetness years ago I used to crave.
Hi bbennett,
I do not believe that sugar is prohibited or limited on the OMS program. (Not like saturated fat.) However, as a rule, processed foods are to be avoided So, too, processed sugar. I use agave nectar as my main sweetener: in oatmeal, on toast with cinnamon after flaxseed oil. I do eat dates, raisins, and Larabars as snacks. I also use honey. I make cakes with portions of agave nectar and unrefined sugar for the sweetener. I used to eat candies such as m&m's, Skittles, Hot Tamales, Twizzlers... I missed them at first. I would crave chocolate and a teaspoon of cocoa in a teaspoon of honey did the trick. I'm two years in and no longer have the strong sugar cravings. It is amazing how my tastes have changed over time. Veg has a point about listening to your body after eating certain foods. I can only eat a banana a week. More than that and my right leg burns. Weird!

I eat quite a bit of fruit daily: red grapes, blueberries, raspberries, apples and lately papayas and mangoes. I've tried many foods that I had not eaten prior to OMS. Love food!

So listen to your body and determine if you need to limit your sugar. You may find, as I did, that your sugar intake will decrease anyway as you find new favorite foods. :)
I'm way down on my sugar intake, I still use some sugar, as close to unrefined as I can, especially in recipes I post. But I've switched to honey, agave nectar, dried dates and other dried fruit, I also eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg, the fruit and veg goes into smoothies in the morning, and raw for lunchen salads, then cooked for diner, (and I do realize that cooked may not count as fresh in some peoples minds)!

I used to drink sodas, have refined white sugar on cereal, in pies, baked cakes and cookies, I also used to drink 3 x 12 cup caraffes of coffee a day, and 3 tbs of demarara sugar for every 2.5 cups of coffee, I would drink most of those 36 cups most days, some days 27.5 - 30 cups 6 days a week and 20 cups on a Sunday.

Without the high coffee load my daily sugar consumption is down to 2 tbs of sugar in the morning, and I am trying to switch to honey, I've tried agave and stevia and neither of them worked for me, I might try some honey syrup, I make my own granola bars, with apple sauce, dried dates, dried cherries, cranberries, raisins, sultanas, oats, honey, almond flour, and orange juice, and either organic peanut butter or almond butter, (both of which are sugar free)!

Chocolate was part of my old diet, I'm waiting with baited breath the cacao / cocoa answer on the other thread.

The weight has been dropping off me, and as I've taken processed foods, candy and snacks out of my diet, most of the hidden sugar has gone too, I even changed the sweetened orange juice to unsweetened.

Even the canned veg that I used to buy contained hidden sugar, by buying fresh fruit and veg instead of canned that has also lightened the sugar load.
Be well, live long and prosper!
I think I read in Udo Erasmus book sometime ago that the excess suger is partly converted inside the body to sat fat. That might be the main reason to avoid sugar when practically possible?
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