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Only been on diet change for two weeks - having discovered and read 'the book' last month - and am feeling better - thank you George :)
Just mastered a wholemeal seedy bread loaf - another step forward :)
Made jam using raspberries and agave syrup - to pop on top - but really not sure about it!
Has anyone tried making a fruit jam without sugar - if so are you able to share the recipe?
Many thanks in advance :)
Welcome to the forum and the OMS program:-)
All the very best with following the program and please take a look in the search engine as you will find loads of information.
Sorry I have not tried to make a jam without sugar, but just a little info on agave syrup...
Agave syrup is very processed, not natural despite misleading labelling, have a google. ..
Honey or organic maple syrup, date sugar, molasses are better options.
Good luck :-)
Rose x
Rose - many thanks
Did not realise about agave - very misleading!
Will google now
Thanks for the recommendations - will try the alternatives
Steep learning curve - but worth it
kind regards
Deborah :)
If you take a look at previous posts, look out for replies from a Moderator by the name of Wendy.We were lucky enough to have her for several years on this forum, selected by Professor Jelinek himself, she is sorely missed as a Moderator and has not yet been replaced.
Take care, and all the very best for your healing journey.
Rose x
I am not sure where you are based but in the UK there are a few companies that make sugarless "jam" made just from fruit (and citric acid). It only lasts for a months or so and must be kept in the fridge but I get through mine pretty quickly :) The fruit is definitely sweet enough without anything added.

It follows that it must be possible to make it yourself but I am not sure how. If it's just fruit I guess it is quite simple?
At Whole Foods (U.S.) they carry beet sugar. Anyone want to weight in on the merits of this sweetener?
Thanks to all for your help - much appreciated :)
Rose just made a jar of raspberry jam with honey - it's devine!
If I can work out how to dm you I will - many thanks :)
tiddlesjim wrote: If I can work out how to dm you I will - many thanks :)

Go to one of Rose's posts, on the lower left there is a "speech bubble", (it looks like a cloud), click on that and it pops a private message box. Type your message and submit it, job done.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Farrier - thank you for your help - tried that and starting from scratch - they just disappear or remain in my outbox!
Clearly I'm a tad hopeless at forum use!
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