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I am trying to adopt this new lifestyle as accurately as possible, but have not been able to find any concrete information about the consumption of sugar. I really enjoy the occasional gumdrop or licorice, which have no saturated fat. And I noticed that some of the recipes in the OMS diet contain sugar, so I am a bit confused about whether or not I need to just forget about my occasional sugary nip and if so why?

I love the evidence based information and approach relating to dairy and saturated fat. I can move forward with my life comfortably avoiding them because I know why!!!

But I have a hard time avoiding sugar if there is no reason to, other than it is obviously not the most heathy thing in the world. Because sometimes my sanity verses insanity is also a more healthy option.

But I am so determined to improve my life expectancy/quality of life that I am willing to sacrifice anything. I just need to know WHY. My power to stay strong increases effortlessly when the facts and evidence back it up.
I can understand that. Sugar cause inflammatory spikes which I now notice so I do avoid foods that give me immediate symptom triggers. Pineapple, pear, grapes pretty instant within 10 minute, strawberries can too, so I've avoided refined sugar and use fresh dates as natural sweetener, I love liquorice but since it often has gluten (went gluten free to support partner) I'll chew on a raw stick if I find one. Would i otherwise avoid the odd sweet probably not though I would avoid palm oil and still recognise not great for overall health. When I fly I do nibble a pack of jelly tots and one small bag lasts for several flights, manages my ear drums, but I ignore them otherwise. If I bake and need sugar then it's unrefined preferably brown sugar as my choice.
We all know too much sugar is bad for anyone. I know I eat too much and should try to decrease it but your occasional sweet is not a problem unless you find it triggers a reaction.
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Hi Miriam

I took the approach that reducing "refined" sugars as part of the diet, because I also have diabetes, most candy is off the diet for other ingredients than just the sugar, palm oil, coconut oil, the saturated and unsaturated fats, and animal fats / dairy, gelatin, artificial flavors and coloring, By the time you take most of those out of the candy, all you are left with are a couple of spoons of sugar.

I mostly use honey, dates, apple sauce, fruits, etc. (less refined sugars), for adding sweetness into something that I am making or baking...but I'll readily admit, that I do use reduced amounts of sugar in some baking goods.

Also there is strong evidence that refined sugar, (specifically glucose) appears to cause inflammation,by increasing cytokines and decreases the effectiveness of white blood cells ability to fight infections.

Based on my diabetes and the other things I mentioned, I have reduced my sugar intake from 12+Tbs a day, down to perhaps 1 Tbs, I also read labels on foods, and it's surprising how many other foods contain hidden, (in plain sight on the label), sugar.

One other thin I will mention is that over the first 6 months of the diet, I found that the craving for sweet foods diminished greatly, and my tolerance for sugar in things, showed a fairly radical change in my taste buds, I also greatly reduced the amount of salt that I eat or use in cooking.
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Thank you all for your quick responses! I guess this is something that I need to be more intuitive about in general. Thank you for your support! It really means SO much to me just knowing that I'm not in this alone.
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