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I gave up white sugar, brown sugar, and honey over a year ago. I miss having honey in my hot drinks. I read raw honey has some health benefits. Is raw honey OMS compliant?
By memory, in the text Prof Jelinek does not abolish raw honey... but - as always with free sugars - take care of the glicemic index (high sugars foster inflammation and disbiosis in the gut)
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
I read that raw honey has anti-inflammatory properties.
Yes... it definitely does (even antimicrobial, lenitive...). As always, it is a matter of amount. From this perspective, it seems that other olistic approaches such as Wahls or Boroch are more extreme than OMS protocol because they aim at bringing sugars close to zero. If we refuse to simplify, it is difficult to find the right way. Just my opinion based on my experience: if we have to do sport every day it is quite impossible to abolish sugars. Maybe I have just gone off-topic but, even if I investigated so much about this and that, I keep needing to share with you.
Raw honey is fine. You will find that many recipes recommend natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates etc.. instead of processed sugars.

Even sugar is not forbidden by OMS but as mentioned, it is definately a good idea to keep it to a minimum.
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