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I'm completely new to the oms diet, but have decided to give it a whirl in an attempt to try and ease some of my daily symptoms. I have bought the OMS Cookbook and noticed a lot of the recipes, particularly the baking recipes require sugar, sometimes several cups. I thought we weren't meant to use sugar on the diet? I'm confused!

I made the Banana, Apple and Ginger Muffins today but the recipe said to use 1 cup of sugar, so I did, But I'm now wondering how this can be compliant with the diet.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Many thanks,
I personally don't tolerate sugar so I usually use alternatives like dates for my sweetener. I think you'll have to make a personal decision on sugar and how you tolerate it. If you consider how many slices or portions you would get from an item it might be manageable. You can get undefined sugar which is much better to use if you are using sugar, I certainly wouldn't use refined. I also always at least half however much is on the recipe.
My personal take on this topic is: Sugar is clearly not healthy – and no-one on OMS would say so. The less sugar you eat, the better! If you can replace the sugar with date powder or other sweet fruits (dried or not, e. g. apple sauce), that is clearly better. But if you feel you need to have some sugar occasionally to be able to stick to the diet in all other respects, you can have some, especially while you are growing accustomed to the diet and have not yet re-trained your taste buds. Quantity matters: as little as achievable, as much as you feel you need (to prevent you from falling off the waggon).
That there are recipes like these also makes life easier for many OMSers who cook for families and children and need recipes for all and for many different occasions.
Hope, these remarks are not considered advocating sugar! (but advocating the cookbook and the choices that it leaves in the hands of its readers).
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