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Very new to this diet just in the preparation stages and have stopped certain foods dairy but I and wanted to know if anyone has used sweet freedom light syrup as a sugar substitute I dont like stevia etc but tried this brand when I was pregnant and got on ok with it.

It says no saturated fat and its plant based just wondered if it would fit with the oms rules


Thanks in advance
Hi, if I need a sweetner in baking I like to use fresh dates for that.
Thank you veg, um not really a date lover but sure I will get used to them soon enough.

Is there anyone out there that knows if the sweet freedom is ok in my original post. I believe it follows all the rules but as a beginner i would like some confirmation as I'm finding the whole process a little overwhelming
Hi cooperdog,

It looks OK to me and I would use it If I really needed to.
After a few years I found that I didn't really need sugar anymore, Like veg I have Dates on hand if I need a Sweet fix :)

Don't get overwhelmed with the Program, It will take some time to find your way, everyone makes mistakes at first but after a while it will become your normal routine :)
Thank you so much, I am starting slow as I know if I try and do too much to start I wont stick to it.
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