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I found a type of margarine with no hydrogenated fats, made from canola oil with gums and some palm oil. Now I know palm oil is bad. But consider this: I used to enjoy soy ice cream which had about 2g of saturated fat. I gave that up as I got used to the diet and no longer needed an icecream replacement. But I longed for a piece of toast with butter.

So this has 11g fat and 0.5g sat fat per Tablespoon. I use a teaspoon, which is 1/3 of that. So what's wrong once in a while?

It's a question of "watching the ounces and letting the pounds take care of themselves", I suspect. But all in all, if I'm good, i can't see it's a terrible problem, expecially if infrequent.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I've wondered this myself. I think that there are other ways that the quality of an oil can be compromised other than hydrogenation i.e bleaching, deodourising. I too am very bored of dry bread so it would be nice to get a bit of clarity.

I cheat in some other ways - but I've been virtuous wrt margarine. I find that drizzling some EVOO on bread is pretty nice.
I haven't eaten margarine for years after a visit to a factory where it was made and that was before the MS!. Just think about what is done to clear liquid oil to make it spreadable and opaque! I love good fresh bread especially homemade - sometimes dry sometimes with a little EVOO. Would hate to spoil it with yukky margarine.

Prof Jelinek has spelt it out for us, it's up to us whether we can/should justify it by saying what's the harm in just a little bit.

The key to good health in MS is avoidance of saturated and altered fats. p282

Foods that should not be eaten:
Margarine, shortening, lard, chocolate, coconut and palm oil. p283

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Yes, I know the chapter and verse. But soy and avocado have Saturated fat as well. I suppose it's the notion of foods that don't offer any benefits inspite of saturated fat. But this is not your normal margarine. It's not hydrogenated.

And yes, I do the EVOO thing on bread, in fact, I made garlic bread by toasting the bread in the oven and then putting the Oil, garlic and sat on before serving. It tastes nearly the same as traditional garlic bread.

The question is: If I were to eat a food item with 1/2 gram of Saturated fat, is it bad? From my reading of the book - we should try to avoid *any* saturated fat. Let in a bit of margarine and next is cheese. Perhaps I am at fault for bringing up the topic. As long as I know it's not hydrogenated and understand the process of preparaing the oils (with the soy icecream the Professer allows as well), it's my risk, literally.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
You will find there is no such thing as a completely non-hydrogenated margarine - but some are less hydrogenated than others.

Great marketing!

It is not a risk that I am personally prepared to take - but I never liked the stuff anyway ;-)

As for soy products, I only eat tofu and a little soy milk with coconut essence to make "coconut milk" for Thai curries. I get a bit put off if I have to read the label and the list of ingredients is a little long.


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Margarine is hardly "whole plant food". I wonder if the margarine you like has mono- or diglycerides in it? These are other names for hydogenated fats.

I too avoid the whole margarine issue by just using olive oil on the things on which I used to use butter. I think why drop butter for something even worse?
Have you tried flax seed oil on toast? To me, who also used to love my buttered toast, this is a REAL alternative, because I like the taste, and probably at this point prever it to butter. It is kind of nutty, and doesn't have the in-your-face character of olive oil (which i love in general, but not on my toast with marmelade...).

All the while, I try to live my life according to the diet 99.9 percent of the tim ( which is not particularly hard for me), but I also don't obsess over 2 grams of sat fat in a piece of dark chocolate once in a while. Call me a slacker, but that's still way below what Swank permitted, and our results are practically guaranteed to be *much* better, because we are so much stricter than what he prescribed, especially with respect to dairy... And no, it's not necessarily a slippery slope - if you keep your eyes on the price!
I think we all have to make our own choices about what we eat and what (if any) "cheating" we allow ourselves. I never liked margarine anyway, so it wouldn't be worth it for me to "cheat" on that, but I slip from strict adherence to the diet sometimes in cooking with EVOO without water to cool it, or (very occasionally) using a piece of parma ham with the fatty edge trimmed off (totally "cheating" - but packing a hell of a lot of flavour for a very small amount of meat as it's so very thin, so it feels more worth it). Other things might be worth it but I won't take the risk - I used to love cheese, but think total abstinence is the only way for me to avoid a slippery slope on that one.

I reckon try to stick to the diet as best you can - and when you slip up or cheat pick things that - to you - are worth it and that you don't think will become a bad habit rather than an occasional thing.
I really have not cheated on this diet thus far..except when eating out and not knowing for sure how they cooked my fish. It hasnt been as hard as I thought because I just think about what that "piece of cake or pizza" might do to me, and then I really can't stomach it. I even was able to stick to the diet over the holidays, so if I can muster through that time of year, any other time will be a breeze. I do miss chocolate though, and saw an m&m commercial last night and thought to myself "I can never have another m&m...and felt a little sad" I have a big sweet tooth!!!

i do know though, that when I go on vacation this year, it will be very difficult if not impossible to stick to the diet 100%,so Im saving my "cheating" for then. I don't want to cheat, and will do my very best not to, and I am hoping there are enough choices in the restaurants that I dont have to. Of course, we all know when we eat out we can request things, but never know exactly how our food is cooked.
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