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Hi all,

Anyone have any info on whether (skim) goat's milk is ok, or does it have the same protein mimicry issues as cow's milk? My diet is so limited due to various issues, I'm looking for a good source of calcium I can tolerate...

Short answer, yes it does.
put "goat" in the search box at the top right of the screen and you will get 2 referrences from George.
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Also in the Resources/FAQ's under Diet there are these two items dealing with exactly what you are asking:

Does the goat/sheep dairy carry the same proteins as cow's causing the same immune reaction?

Where will I get calcium from if I exclude milk from my diet? Will I get osteoporosis?

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Hey there is plenty of calcium in the green vegetables and then in products like soy milk that is fortified with calcium (and without the worrysome proteins that may reduce the effectivness of the calcium that are in milk)
Must've been a while since I read the FAQs, now I feel silly. Thanks guys!

I have alot of trouble getting enough calcium, as I can only tolerate around 40 foods, none good sources of calcium (long story, have other problems). Bummer, I really didn't want to have to supplement calcium...
Can you eat almonds?
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No nuts. Allergies, intolerances... meh :(
calcium fortified oj???
Soy and tofu?
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can't take oj (salycilates), cannot take soy (laydee ishoos, won't go into it ;)

The best source I have found with my limitations is tahini - but still not enough, and I use a rotation diet hence cannot have it every day.

In any case, if the best source is a fortified product, I probably may as well supplement - it's pretty much the same thing, isn't it argh

Thanks for your help and ideas though all :)
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