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Hi George, You mention in your work that we should avoid all dairy produce. Would this include Lactose/Lactic acid? If so, how far do we take this? I notice that a lot of medication/tablets/supplements appear to use Lactose as a base. Even in these small quantities, can Lactose be harmful?
Hello Euan, have a good read on 'Cows Milk Connection' under the section 'About MS'. You will then understand how important it is to avoid all milk products (and milk by-products)in controlling the course of the disease. This includes medication and supplements.
Apologies Euan, I should have been more specific. Only Lactose derived from cow's milk is to be avoided. Lactose is present in many foods, and in itself it is usually not harmful (although some people are lactose-intolerant) and does not need to be avoided, unlike the protein in cow's milk, and the fat.
I have always used a lot of non-fat milk and it does not seem to be a problem for me (I do use the lactose free kind). My MRI's really have not changed since 1991 (I just had one) so I am not sure milk is a problem for everyone. (Jelinek is going to dis
Hello Rebecca, it is very good news that so far the use of lactose-free non-fat milk in your diet has not compromised your health regimen. Indeed it is wonderful to read that since your original diagnosis of 17 years ago, the course of the disease appears not to have progressed at all.

However it is important to note here that Prof Jelinek's careful analysis of the evidence, from a research scientist's point of view, is that consumption of the protein in cow's milk poses a significant risk to the health of people with MS.
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