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Hi all - I'm new to this diet, and concerned about the amount of oil in some of the products we used to eat on the Swank diet - we're shifting over. We were enjoying this in very small doses:


It's a soy cheese - but it has added vegetable oil. 30g of fat per 100g servings - 11g of which is saturated.

It's very nice - a really good substitute, but maybe should be off the diet? We'd only use maybe 20g melted on toast in the diet before.
And only maybe once or twice a week.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks - Liz.
Have you listened to George's podcast on sat fats?
That will help you answer that question.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ess/?cat=3
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I wouldn't use it myself. Vegetable oil is pretty much a no-no especially when they don't specify what type of vegetable oil it is and the amount of saturated fat is pretty crazy high, you should aim for 10-15g a day. Maybe save it for a rare treat?
Thanks - I'll give that podcast a listen. And good recommendation - we'll save it for a rare treat. I've been weighing it and slicing it very thinly, but perhaps we'll cut back to once a month instead of once a week.

Ta - Liz.
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