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hi all,

Tofutti has a new creame cheese titled 'non-hydrogenated plain'. I've sent 2 emails to company asking if the ingredent in it of ' palm fruit' is same as 'palm oil' and if so, how much is there is the product - no response to either email, so does anyone else think should be ok?

also, i've seen some of the discussions around soy on this site and im also not sure as to if i can eat ANY soy products -can someone please respond yes or no about soy in general - im sure it shouldnt be this confusing

appreeciate your responses in advance

Soy is healthy when in the natural bean from or fermeted or curd like tufu or soy sauce (check ingredients).
Soy is very unhealthy when made into products like fake sausages etc. This is bad for everyone as there are carcenogenic links from what I have read.
Having read the label partially hydrogenated soyabean oil sounds like a no no as that is an oil dinked with plus there are two grams of saturated fat per serviing. Looks a very processed food type so I would not personally eat it.
I found the label here. It's their new "non-hydrogenated" version. Palm fruit is different than palm kernel.


I'd label it a kind of cheat, but you could work it into your diet as a treat. It's basically 1gm saturated fat per tablespoon. They've correctly labeled the serving size as 2 tablespoons - who puts only one on a bagel???

It's also got processed oils, but they're expeller processes, which should make them a tiny bit better.

I'd say if you ate a tablespoon and counted the saturated fat and didn't have any other processed food, then it might sometimes be OK. But if you wait a little, you won't miss cream cheese so much.

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Hummus is often a good cream cheese replacement
That's a very good point. And this fake cream cheese is definatly iffy.

But when I started, I ate chocolate for a while until I didn't desire it anymore. It can be difficult in the beginning, Just know that this stuff, although not terribly bad, isn't strickly kosher, long-term.

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I've got better as I've been on the diet for longer too - your taste in food changes surprisingly fast, Carolyn, and it gets easier as you learn new snacks and recipes to replace the old favourites and get used to cooking them so that it's simple and routine
Mashed up avocado is good spread on toast/bagel, it gives a nice creamy taste.
It's basically very processessed oil etc and looks plastic, wouldn't touch it myself.

Great suggestions for substitutes which I use myself; another suggestion is this spread. As it is quite neutral and won't overpower your other flavours.


The reality is there is no real substitute for cheese that tastes like cheese; as said already you just eventually lose the taste for it.
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We really need a way to post and catagorize these recipies!

this would be cheesy substitutes.

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Another good one is a homemade spread made from sweet potato, grilled peppers and a little chilli.
Ditto for broad beans mashed up with olive oil, garlic and lemon.
Mmmm hungry now!
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