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Hi all,
Does anyone know of a tasty alternative to butter, margarine and soy. I love my bread and have tried it without any oils and that's fine with a salad sandwitch when using pickle or sauce but what to do with toast and honey, vegemite etc...It's awfully bland ...HELP! Oh, by the way, I live in Perth Western Australia, so the alternative would need to be available here.

Thanks in advance of any suggestions!

Wishing you all good health!

I put flax oil and salt on toast and it's great. Even better is to put Marmite on flax oil.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Toasted sourdough with flax seed oil and vegemite tastes great!
Avacado spread on toast is yum. Avacado afterall is the super fruit
In the Uk i use a soya spread called "Pure"
I make different pestos without cheese and spread it on toast. I have used different herbs with pinenuts and it tastes pretty delish on toast. I have also blended up sundried tomatoes with white beans to make a spread that is quite satisfying. I also am obsessed with avocado on toast. I bet chopped up garlic with different spices and herbs combined with a little olive oil would be nice on toast as well... Or maybe even an onion jam? Try to make a spread out of ingredients you love (obviously, ones that fit within the paramaters)- it works and you won't miss the butter when you find something even more satisfying.

Good luck!
Some spread ideas that I enjoy:
sweet potato + red lentils + chargrilled red peppers + chilli (and maybe garlic - I love garlic)
broad beans + olive oil + garlic + lemon juice
hummus (plain or "jazzed up" with extra flavours, e.g. lemon + coriander, sundried tomatoes, olives)
and the suggestion of linseed oil with marmite really is yum ;-)
Once I could not have imagined not having butter on bread, now I can't imagine why I ever did. It was only because I was taught to do so from an infant. If you have a strong tasting spread like jam or honey, you would need to slather on the butter to even taste it, so I don't miss it now it's gone, because everything on bread tastes better without it. I suggest you buy really good quality bread, try different types and shapes, savour the delicate aromas, tastes and textures of it, and the pure taste explosion of whatever you have put on the bread. Enjoy the delicate flavour interactions as the bread and the spread mingle together. I'm guessing that you may be new to the diet, and I am willing to bet that after the first year, you will not miss butter, or pine for some pale imitation of the oily squeezings of cows glands!
Hi all,
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, It gives me some idea where to start.

Like many I guess, I was brought up on bread and butter then years later to margarine (yeah, I know, poison!) and over the years I have gone on vegetarian health kicks but could never stick to it, but now I have the motivation to make it a life style change.

I'm sorry I have not responded sooner.

Best of health to you all.

OK, it depends on how strict you are. There's something called Smart Balance Light in the US, which is vegan, has palm *fruit* oil, flax, soybean and canola oil. It's 5g fat per tablespoon with 1.5g sat fat.

It's not the worst cheat in the world, a little processed oil and no one really puts a whole talbespoon on a piece of toast, do they?

You could do a little smear and be ok in my book, but don't make a big habit of it. That said, you'll wean yourself off.

Note: Smart Balance regular has whey in it, which is a definate no-no.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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