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Hi all,
Has anyone had difficulty with this? Yesterday I went to a local bakery and got excited as they had 'dairy free' muffins. There was a white looking dollopy thing on the top that I assumed was tofu when I first bought it, but then on closer inspection realised it didn't look like tofu..I went in and asked the people behind the counter what it was and they happily said 'oh it's goats cheese.'
What the?!
This happened on a work conference for me too, i asked 4 times if what I had was dairy and they kept say 'no, chef said no dairy at all' then they finally said 'oh it's just goats cheese'
Isn't goats cheese dairy too?
Very confused :(
We avoid goat and other cheeses from animal milk. I advise you to forgive folks who don't understand the desire to avoid all milk and milk products. Life is too short to get upset about this. Think how much you will regret wasting time thinking about this instead of having fun -- fun rocks!
Yep it appears that many people don't know what dairy is; i find that it is better to list, ie milk, butter, yoghurt and they give you a better reply.
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