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Hello everyone,

I was just advised by a wine buff that most red wine is finished with egg and milk to ensure the wine bottle stays stain free. I check labels on everything but have never bothered with wine because I just didn't think I needed to. So this information really blind-sided me.

I checked my delicious bottle of Taylors Cab Sav and to my disgust it states egg and milk on the label. The wine buff said he could taste the ingredients to which I poured the rest of my glass down the sink in horror. How could I have been so silly billy.

So, I have purchased a case of wine that hasn't been finished with egg or milk.

I have kept to within the two glasses per day and two days off per week moderate drinking guidelines so I guess we are talking about very small amounts of egg and milk ingested, however, no matter how small the amount, the molecules of protein are similar in structure to our myelin and any can't be good for our confused immune systems.

So, I have seen the light and hope this may be a cautionary tale for any other lovers of red antioxidants.

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i spoke to a wine maker friend a while ago and she assured me that very little, if any traces remained in the finished wine, and that they have to put it on the label to satisfy food labelling laws. This explains a bit more, its egg white not whole egg which makes it OK for us. http://www.winespectator.com/drvinny/show/id/41378

I still drink wine fortunately ;-)

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