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Does anyone know where I can buy a natural flavoured soy yoghurt. The supermarket brands all seem to be either vanilla or fruit flavoured?

Thanks in advance,

Depends whereabouts in the world you are! In New Zealand, most supermarkets stock Tonzu natural soy yoghurt.

It would be great if everyone put their location in their profile (Members Home/User Control Panel/ Edit Profile). Then we would be able to give even more helpful advice :-)

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I am in Perth, WA and I would love to know where to get unflavoured soy yogurt or a yogurt maker. Any tips?
Sorry, Sydney Australia!

Following on from the retreat I have just googled easiyo they are available in Coles, Woolies etc. or online. I'm going shopping today and if I can't get one I'm ordering the maker online (approx.$22 + p.h. I assume).

Hmmm this has got me very interested... 8-)
I'm happy to purchase a yoghurt maker also but am totally confused about the recipes that would work for soy..
Online there are a number of different scenarios listed but most of them seem to use 1/2 cup of store bought soy yoghurt which I'm keen to leave out as there are only flavoured soy yoghurts available locally to us.
I did find a site that sold 'soy yoghurt culture' http://www.greenlivingaustralia.com.au/ ... rt_culture but have never tried using this before.. Has anyone out there in OMS land had luck with the same?
Thanks for that info Moira, I just ordered an easiyo online. I'll let everyone know what I think of it in due course.

I was on the retreat with Moira, and the Gawler chef taught us how to make our own soy yoghurt. I used the Easi-Yo from Woolworths and the non-dairy starter from greenliving.com.au (based here in Brisbane), and my yoghurt turned out perfectly. You will need a milk thermometer and I recommend ordering the measuring spoons from Green Living also. There are instruction that come with the culture from Green Living. Just make sure you use a non-calcium fortified soy milk such as Bonsoy. Good luck.

I can't believe the cooking opportunities that have opened up to me by making soy yoghut. It's amazing.

Cheers Kaybe
The info to make soy yoghurt is in the new cooking book from the Gawler
Foundation EAT WELL BE WELL and lots of other great ideas. :)
Thanks for all the feedback, have ordered my copy of EAT WELL BE WELL and looking forward to some new discoveries in the kitchen!

Annette :)
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