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One month ago now, since i found you guys :-) and still got a few questions...

I found this dairy-free butter: "Flora" (a swedish product) wich contains: water, canola oil, vegetable fat, salt, emulsification, citric acid, flavor, vitamin A and D.
Saturated fat: 18 g. of 100 g.
So lets say, that i use 3 g. "Flora" on a piece of bread. Is that okay..?

Another question:
It says that we can not use coconut oil. But how about the milk..?

The best to all of you!

32, Denmark.
The Flora is not a supported product on the programme as it has 'vegetable fat' and that is an unknown type, plus we have no idea how hot the fat/oil was made in making this processed product.
veg is right, that is why margerine is on the list of Foods not to eat.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ot-to-Eat/

Coconut is also on that list and one of the Diet FAQ's talks specifically about coconut milk and the reasons why all coconut products should be avoided.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/
Soy milk and coconut essence is a very good substitute!

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Thanks for the reply you two!

Ill throw it out straight away :-)
That's the spirit!

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