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Hello there,

I'm from the Netherlands, new to the OMS program and started just weeks ago.
We're trying to find ingredients that fit within the diet. In search for a butter replacement when baking cookies, I found Alpro Minarine. It contains only vegetable oils and fats of which 75% are soy based. Is this OK to use for baking? Or what alternatives would you suggest? Many thanks for your help!

Alpro Soy minarine

100g contains:
Saturated fats: 10g
single unsaturated: 11g
Multiple unsaturated: 18g of which linolic acid 16,5g / alfa-linolic acid 1,5g / trans fat 1g

Water, vegetable oils and fats (40%) of which soy oil (75 %), emulgator (mono- en diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilizer (kaliumalginate), salt (0,4%), lemon acid, conservant (potassium sorbate), aroma's, coloring agent (carotene), vitamins (vitamine A: 24 IE/g, vitamine D: 2,4 IE/g)
Be very careful about unspecified vegetable oils, very likely to include palm oil which is widely used in processed foods. It is high in saturated fat and specifically mentioned on the list of what not to eat, as is margerine which what Alpro Minarine is.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ot-to-Eat/
There are some lovely cookie recipes in the Recipe section using extra virgin olive oil which is the right choice for us.

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Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your quick reply. I asked Alpro about the fat content and you're right, 25% of fat content is palm and coconut oil. (10% of the whole product). I will stick with the olive oil then!

Hi David,

Wendy is right. I substitute extra virgin olive oil for bread and baking recipes, tastes just as good.
It really isn't worth compromising on the bad fats, the consequences can be terrible !
Keep at it,

Best Wishes,

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