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Oh and how's the pregnancy going? Hope you are feeling well
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lyn1977 wrote: I found it for you http://mymsfreelife.blogspot.com.au/ I have only made it once before but from memory it was nice not like normal cheese but still quite yum!!! ENJOY!

Could you just eat soya cheese/Daiya cheese and account for the saturated fat in your daily intake? Thats the only other hard cheese substitute I know of. I do have a great sauce recipe if interested!
That home made cheese looks worth a try Lyn!

The Daiya cheddar has got palm, canola, safflower and coconut oils :-(

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I made this a few nights ago and it is amazing many thanks for the recipe :D
lyn1977 wrote: Oh and how's the pregnancy going? Hope you are feeling well

So far so good (knock on wood). 11 weeks tomorrow. Thanks for asking :)
have a look here:

and if you can get hold of Miyoko Schinner's book...it certainly changed the way I look at cashews (and cheese)
Hi guys,
I visited this B & B recently..whilst I haven't tried this recipe, I've seen many on their facebook RAVE about it..could be an interesting non cheesy, cheesy addition to salads etc? Looks pretty safe for us:
Has anyone ever tried MozzaRisella cheese? It's a vegan cheese made with rice, looks very promising! Seems to be even better than Daiya cheese since it doesn't contain vegetable or palm oils, though it has coconut oil.

Shame that is out then

Have you considered making your own?
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