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Before launching into my third attempt at making soy yoghurt with an Easiyo yoghurt maker and dairy-free culture from Green Living, just wondering if a nice thick and creamy consistency is actually achievable.

My questions for those who have had success at making soy yoghurt:
- Is a thick and creamy consistency achievable?
- What brands of soy milk have you had most success with (I am in Australia)?
- Is there anything else I need to add other than soy milk, culture and sugar / honey?
- Are there any other useful tips?

Any advice would be appreciated before I waste another litre of soy milk!

For information, my two attempts to date have used 1 ltr Bonsoy soy milk heated to 40 degrees, a heaped 'smidge' of culture and a tablespoon of sugar. The first batch I left for 12 hours (refreshing the Easiyo with hot water ever 4 hours) - it ended up sort of set, but still rather watery. The second batch I left for 7 hours (refreshing the Easiyo with hot water ever 3 hours) - it ended up setting better but after a couple of hours in the fridge lost its thickness. I made sure I monitored the temperature with a thermometer and it seemed to be at 40 degrees all the way through. I did not let the hot water touch the yoghurt container, I keep the culture in the freezer....MMmmmm.
I use Vitasoy (Calciplus in the purple pack seems to give the best results)
I heat the milk to 45 deg C, add honey, stir till dissolved and let cool to 40 deg C before I add the culture.
I put boiling water in the Easiyo up to the baffle and leave overnight.
I don't refresh the hot water.
It comes out creamy enough for me, if I want it thicker I drain it through muslin until it's the right consistency.

There is more on this in the Recipe Resource, you may be using too much culture.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y+Yoghurt/

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Hi yes it is achievable. I have had x3 fails with the Aussie organic GE free brand. The green and cream packets.
I have consistent results with Vitasoy Original. I had a couple of failures and realised I had picked up the lower fat women's one which looks almost identical. Back to the Original and all is well.

I used honey and heat the milk up until dissolved. Then I cool it down to baby bottle (blood temp) by sitting the 1L Easiyo container of hot milk in a container of cold water. Then add the culture and give it a good shake.

I don't have a yoghurt maker so can't advise on that part but I wrap it in a hand towel and put it next to the hotwater cylinder in the cupboard. I usually leave it overnight, sometimes a little longer. It usually is quite thick but to get it down to cream cheese consistency I drain it in cheesecloth for 2-3 days.
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Many thanks for your replies! I will try Vitasoy soy milk and see if that makes a difference.

One other question, how long will the yoghurt keep in the fridge after it has been made?
Mine lasts a week perhaps, but I usually :D eat it by then
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