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Would you use yogurt - pasteurised organically produced whole milk powder from free range cows?
There is no dairy allowed in any form on the OMS lifestyle. It is the protein of milk (cow,goat,sheep) that has a flammatory effect on us. Can you take probiotics in capsule form (not sure of ingredients).
You can get probiotics from soy yoghurt, sauerkraut and other fermented foods.


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such as pickles, kim chee. kombucha, tempeh and miso.

I keep a jar of miso paste in the fridge and use it as a base whenever I need a sauce.
Some possible additions: soy sauce, umeboshi plums or umeboshi vinegar, tamarind paste, tahini (always remember
to dilute with water when using tahini), toasted seasame oil, ginger paste, chili paste, orange or lemon juice...
These improvised sauces make a plate of greens sooooooooooooooo yummy!
I get mine from drinking rejuvelac. Basically it is wheat kernels sprouted and then covered in water. It ferments and tastes just fine and is full of all kinds of good things.
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