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Does anyone know a rice milk that doesn't contain these or other oils? I look at every brand I see and haven't been able to find one. Thanks.
You can make your own, I bought a Soy Milk maker (from soy beans), that way you can be sure. Really easy to do. Otherwise, the approach I have taken is that I only use a small amount in coffee here and there, so don't regard it as too significant.

I don't know about rice milk but I certainly can recommend OATLY (organic) oat milk which only contains oats and I have found that it is acceptable to many of my friends - just thought I would pass it on.
There is a non-organic version which does contain other ingredients but I'm not sure what.
Because I suspect rice drink is made from a cold process (and not heated) I ignore the very small amount of sunflower oil in the one I use.
Thanks for all your tips. I wondered how negligible the amt of oil was in the rice milk, so maybe it's ok if not consuming too much. It's no problem to find soy milk without those ingredients. I'll keep a look out for Oatly - never seen that, and if more motivated will try making my own!
I have rice milk in coffee from my Biatelli Venus stove-top pot. I can see fine oil beads on the surface of the coffee. I always assumed that the oil was from the coffee beans themselves.

If the rice milk is just used for coffee then you will consume such a negligible amount of sunflower oil that there is no need for concern.

I wish I could find a decent rice milk that didn't contain added salt. I am left with a sour aftertaste due to the added salt. Bleh.
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