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Hi guys,

After attending another Thermomix class tonight I have set myself the challenge of making some yoghurt this weekend.

So! Where do I start? I'm looking at the recipe in the Everyday cookbook. I can easily replace the milk, but have no idea on the milk powder or the pot set natural yoghurt.

Can anyone please help me work out how to do an OMS friendly yoghurt?!

Thank you so much xoxo
Thanks for raising this! I have a Thermomix but haven't used it yet and I'm unsure how to get started - advice from experienced OMSers would be great!
Kylie/Kaybe gives good instructions on her blog site here:

http://frommydeck.com/2013/08/10/how-to ... t-at-home/


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Thanks Sue! I've yet to find a source of non-dairy yoghurt culture here in the UK, but will keep on hunting
There are other options - existing dairy free yoghurt, probiotics, cashews. This blog is interesting....
http://www.godairyfree.org/ask-alisa/as ... -i-make-it

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