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Hi all

I've just found this on the internet:


Too good to be true?!

I'd buy it (not the Coconut Hullabaloo though). Cashew nuts are a wonderful ingredient - make the most delicious cream!

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Yes - I wouldn't get the coconut. Just wanted to double-check the rest, having looked at the ingredients! (Flipping expensive though!)

I have it occasionally - a huge treat.
It's delicious but as you say very expensive (stops you eating too much!).
Part of the joy of it is the name and part that you can acually buy ice cream over the counter for once.
Not many places seem to sell it though - I only know of one near me.
Looks lovely. I would email them to ask where the cashews are from ie not Vietnam? I was advised to avoid cashews etc from Vietnam because sadly, agent orange is still circulating through the water supply. This is why their cashews are lower in sat fat. We have enough challenges with lipid metabolism and neurological effects.
Oh pants.
I like sun dried mini bananas from Vietnam... Looks like eat what I have then buy no more
I like the chocolate and vanilla varieties. But it is quite expensive! Good for special treat!
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If you have an ice cream maker and are adventurous, it is easy to make your own ice cream like this. You just need a good blender to get the cashew nut, water and syrup/honey mixture as smooth as possible.

I've been experimenting and tried my fourth version of the recipe out on unsuspecting guinea pigs this past summer and nobody could believe that it was dairy free, gluten free and soy free... :D it was rich and chocolaty!

I'll post the recipe in the Desert section once I dig up the worksheet... A gallon costs me about $6 Canadian to make. My favorite so far is chocolate but I plan on working on a maple walnut flavor next!

Re making your own, if you soak the cashews for at least four hours before blending they get smooth really easily :)
thanks Lauren! I've tried soaking overnight and it works beautifully!

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