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Good morning

I've only been an OMSer for a couple of weeks and I'm still finding my way through it. In general I think the food is great (I love fish) and I'm finding it quite easy to find meals that I like, but I have to say the two things I really miss are butter (as in spread on toast/crumpets etc - I've tried flax oil, but it's just too oily!!) and a sweet snack in the evening (ie chocolate).

Is it just a case of you have to learn to go without these things to get the OMS benefit, or has anyone found good substitues/ways around them?

Many thanks
Try the black bean chocolate brownies, there is a recipe on this site.
But in general let go.
The China Study is also a good read if you need help in letting go of stuff.
Just imagine annoying symptoms every time you think of chocolate .. Works for me;)

And yeh, there are plenty vegan, fat free healthy substitutes for chocolate, but in due time, you wont miss it at all! The less you have the less you crave!
Cocoa made with soy milk is a very passable hot chocolate substitute.
I've also seen recommendations for banana mashed up with cocoa and frozen as an alternative for chocolate ice cream.
There are also sweet snacks like macaroons.
Don't think there's anything that's similar to butter, but hummus is a good alternative when making sandwiches.

Your tastes change much quicker than you would expect and you soon stop missing things.
Just made those brownies using my tweaks on that thread with added tiny bits of crystalised ginger, yummy.
honestly, nearly two years in and I don't miss them. I miss the convenience of them, that is it. I also don't miss cheese, which amazes me. You get used to things (or at least I do)
I hand blend frozen fruit and soy milk - when craving chocolate I use chocolate soy milk and frozen raspberries.... I think thats allowed?
It would be ideal to make your own chocolate soy or other with your own cocoa powder as what other ingredients are in the ready mixed chocolate soya milk?
Blend 1 banana and 1 table spoon cocoa powder for ease/speed makes a useable icecream.
The black bean brownies freeze really well and are very chocolate fudgey like when fresh cooked.
My stick blender and blender pot I use loads.
Butter Solution!!

I adore(d) butter, but I do not miss it at all because the [iperfect substitute is actually flax seed oil and a bit of salt. Of course this only works as melted butter, but it is so good. I am surprised everyone doesn't use it.

I squeeze it on my (whole grain, sprouted) English muffins every morning. I drizzle it over popcorn and put it on mashed cauliflower/potatoes. EVERYONE who has tried it with me has gone out and bought a little bottle of flax (I mean, actual butter users do this).

The other benefit is you don't have to take your flax medicinally in OJ and the like.

For chocolate, I don't know where you live, but there is an amazing chocolate, fruit sweetened soy ice cream from Soy Delicious. I also have a friend who bakes for me with cocoa powder. I have an amazing cake recipe.
Avocado spread on toast is nice and thick and tastes buttery


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