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Has anyone else tried the alpro soy deserts? I have tried both vanilla and chocolate flavours. The vanilla is very low in sat fat, the chocolate is 1gm sat fat per 100gm. It has a lot of sugar and cocoa solids and cocoa powder in it (no cocoa butter) and tastes surprisingly good. I just find myself wondering if this is really in keeping with the diet. I feel technically it probably is but I suspect the fact I feel the need to ask would suggest maybe it's out… however would be pleased for feedback!
Hi Kerry
I eat the vanilla ones all the time, they are really good with crumble.

I genuinely hope they are ok for us..

It would be great to get good news ..

Thanks for posing the question.

Keep well

Nicola Corbett

Dublin, Ireland

'Nothing tastes as good as walking feels'

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:lol: and I think Alpro brand is none GMO! Yippee
I eat them and nothing ever passes my lips that isn't perfectly okay. Long live Alpro! Oh, and try the chocolate one with fresh raspberries......
Thank you all, my guilt has dissipated!!
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