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My husband was diagnosed with MS between Christmas & New Year (bit of a shocker of a 'Happy' New Year for us!!!!!!). It's in the early stages so he's still mobile & working whilst I'm at home adapting meals to align to the Swank principles. He hasn't yet undergone any food intolerance tests.

I'm a bit confused about milk & gluten .... Swank permits skimmed cow's milk but I notice that many change to soya based products - do we only need to change to a substitute if my husband is shown to have a specific sensitivity to cow's milk or is it a general rule that cow's milk should be avoided?

Most of the Best Bet recipes on the MS Resource Centre site refer to gluten free flours/ingredients .. .. again, is a change to gluten free only required for those found to be specifically sensitive or is it a general rule that gluten free is advisable? Thanks in anticipation - Confused 'Carer' xXx
Hello, you will find some helpful sections on this website. Have a look in the Diet section and the Recovery Program section. Also have a look at the FAQ's where the Professor explains his position on the gluten theory.
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