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So we've just realised the Burgan - Fruit and nut bread we have bought for the last few years, contains Whey.
I'm pretty sure this is the one we were given at the OMS retreat too.

I'm not sure if the ingredients have changed or we missed it.

In fact this has happened with a few crackers we buy, I'm suprised we missed it.

Should I still eat it as it's probably such a small amount?

What brand ( for Australians) of fruit bread do you eat?
Hi there,
Whey is the liquid part of milk that is left after milk is curdled during the process, so it is definitely a no no.
I don't eat fruit bread myself as I try to eat plant based, whole food as much as possible so bread is out (unless it is brown or wholemeal).
All the best.
Love and light
Rose x
Yep watch the labels they sneak whey and milk solids in all sorts of products.
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