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Hello all,
before finding this wonderful website and starting the diet a month ago, I used to have a supplement of amino acids every day, which I thought made me feel healthier and more alert. Now I realise they contain "a very small amount" of lactose to help the body absorb the nutrition from them. I've also found that some of my medicines contain lactose, for the same reason I guess.
Please, does anyone know, do I need to throw them away or could this minimal amount be considered okay?

I hope George Jelinek responds to your question because I would like to see his answer too. Personally, I do not worry about dairy products as much as Jelinek does. And, frankly, I consumed rather large quantities of nonfat milk (about 1 liter per day) for many years. Drinking milk did not cause any worsening of my MS symptoms. I had MRIs occasionally and the nonfat milk did not cause more lesions. I am now 60 and was diagnosed with MS in 1991.

Based on my experience as well as the research I've read, I guess that the small amount of lactose is not an issue unless you have problems digesting lactose. I personally eventually gave up milk because I developed irritable bowel syndrome a few years ago and had to give up a bunch of foods to get things quieted back down.

I do worry about your taking supplements, however. In general, general supplements are not a good idea. There are exceptions. For example, I need to take Vitamin D3, vitamin B12, calcium and fish oil. I also take B1 sometimes. Other than those few supplements, I think supplements are best avoided. There is a lot of research showing problems with supplements. For example, Vitamin E was shown to cause an increase in fatal heart attacks.

All the best. I'm glad you are thinking about life style issues and are addressing them. They are key to managing MS. Good job!

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