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I have been reading all these posts on diet and recipes. Many of you use soy products such as yogurt and cheese. There are also lots of vegan products out there. Are these acceptable on OMS? When I read the ingredients there are usually soy or palm oil in these products along with a host of unpronounceable chemicals. Are they okay occasionally or should I just stay away from them.


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I avoid anything with palm oil, vegetable oil or any ingredient that I cannot spell, pronounce or explain where it comes from. :-)

So, that means most soy-based substitutes for "real" food .

I tend to focus on real foods. As unprocessed as possible.

I buy tofu, miso soy products, and make my own soy yoghurt (there is a recipe in the Recipe Resource, and a mean mayonnaise recipe there too). I don't buy commercial soy cheeses because of the nasty oils etc as you've pointed out. There are some commercial yoghurts and desserts which are OK but you do have to read the labels.

I never buy vegan 'meat' products, they just don't look appealing so I don't get as far as the labels! Lentils make a delicious sheperds pie or spaghetti bolognaise.
There is even a macaroni cheeze in the recipe forum - I'd forgotten all those lovely recipes!

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I am vegan. I eat soy, tofu, nuts (but not too many), seeds, some soy meats (read labels), a bit of Vegannaise, no spreads as they all have palm oil in them, no lovely tasting fake cheese for the same reason, and a little bit of soy ice cream that has too much sugar, but is okayish.

There is tons of other good stuff to eat. I welcome more conversation from the vegans here.
CdeGrasse wrote: I avoid anything with palm oil, vegetable oil or any ingredient that I cannot spell, pronounce or explain where it comes from. :-)

So, that means most soy-based substitutes for "real" food .

I tend to focus on real foods. As unprocessed as possible.


I like this. Easy to follow and easy to understand. I eat a small amount of tofu (once a fortnight?), use organic soy milk to cook and make the occasional smoothie, enjoy the occasional organic soy yoghurt with fruit but generally only eat 'whole' foods. I make fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, eat masses of salad and plates full of veg, add quinoa, oats, lentils, chickpeas etc when I remember and try to eat mackerel or salmon 3 times a week.

I have tried to include some extras (like Booja Booja 'icecream' - delicious!) but nothing is completely 'whole' or 'real' so they have become very occasional treats (the Booja has agave nectar in - not ideal).

The vegans out there...were you vegan before OMS? If not, what tempted you to give up the fish? I am tempted to become completely vegan (it feels like the right thing to do? Not sure why) but that goes against the OMS advice of fish oil...... Your thoughts are appreciated!
George posted this comment on the OMS facebook page in response to someone asking 'why not fully vegan?'

Thanks for the question. There is no question that you can achieve recovery without the seafood component of OMS, and there is every reason to recommend a vegan diet. However, our HOLISM study clearly shows that in around 2,500 PwMS from around the world, those eating fish three or more times a week were 68% more likely to be in a lower disability category than those eating fish only occasionally, and had markedly better quality of life. Seafood does provide additional benefit for PwMS over and above a plant based wholefood diet. That may not be true for all illnesses, but does apply to MS. Hope that helps ....
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Thanks, Wendy. That answers my question! I'll stick with the fish.
Kally & Vanderstel - I am mostly vegan except for the seafood...I started down this path when I started OMS.

I finally got rid of most of my old cookbooks last week. And invested in two good vegan cookbooks: Veganomicon is my current favorite! I also reference a couple of websites: OhSheGlows and SimpleVeganRecipes...

This is a permanent change for me so I am doing what I can to make it easier.

I started out with the Swank diet, then modified and added some OMS stuff, particularly the omega 3 stuff. I had fish for quite a while, but as I went on my food journey found out things about all our foods that bothered my concience.

Seafood was the last thing to go. I couldn't read about the fish and the oceans and the quality of the food, and I couldn't contribute anymore to the fishing industry and what it does. So for me, I made the decision to go completely vegan.

That means i have to work at that omega 3 stuff and I think I have that covered. i hope so anyhow.

I do have a facebook page, called Middleagedvegan that shows some of my ideas and recipes etc.

How many others here are vegan? If you told me 4 years ago I would be vegan I would have laughed at you and rolled my eyes. i would have even made fun of vegans (shame), but there you are, life has its ideas.

Good luck to all, vegan OMSers and non-vegan OMSers. We are all way ahead of the crowd in our learning and health.
Thanks for your thoughts on this. I will stay away from those products (like I thought I should). I made the vegan mayonnaise- really good. I also made a Mac and cheese with almonds and pimentos. It was amazing. I will post it in the recipe section.

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