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Thanks for this very informative message Sue! I feel a bit silly not knowing about it really, but I agree that we are doing quite a lot already by not eating meat or dairy.

I haven't eaten meat for years, but have battled with whether to eat dairy for a long time. So it's nice now to have a definite reason to avoid it altogether. And it was so easy! I thought I might miss it but not at all!

Thanks again
Lynne x
argh I love those yoghurts!

well, i will save a load of money. i havent had the time to read everything, but i will, work is mental!

thank you to all who commented/shared as always this is helpful.

soya - im intolerant and a lot of companies cut down rainforests and trees to grow it, kicking people off their land.. it is a part of my issue, but mainly it is my intolerance.

Best to all! and if you live in london City of London Festival starts tomorrow with lots of theatre, music and comedy across the city at v good prices or free. website is colf.org.uk. sorry if im not supposed to 'advertise', im not meaning to, its my life for the next 4 weeks, just wanted to share :)
Thanks for your informative post Sue x
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