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I understand that we should avoid milk and other dairy products to reduce our saturated fat intake, and also that there is a possible problem with milk proteins triggering the immune system into destroying myelin.

Obviously, for the fats, less is best but the difference between nearly nothing and nothing is insignificant. However, how small a trace would set off the protein/immune system reaction? Here I'm thinking of a teaspoon that has been used to stir milky tea then being used to fish out my teabag. So just a trace.
Were I could I always had a separate spoon.
If it is others making the tea then the little bit is rather a guess not a guess I would feel comfortable with if it were a regular drink making occurrence.
You are fine. I am guessing this is something that happened and now you are worrying about it. Truth is that the "worrying" is probably much more damaging than the trace amount of milk. Don't spend any more time dwelling on this! Water under the bridge. Also remember that Swank's diet had dairy in it and he still had all those good results... And you will do EVEN better!

Hope this helps (and that I interpreted your message correctly)!
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