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Is the Daiya non-dairy cheese ok to have?
The varieties that we have available at our store are NOT compatible with OMS guidelines. They have canola and/or safflower oil in them (it is expeller pressed so better than the usual junky vegetable oil). The big offender though is the coconut oil!
I just googled it and it also seems to be very high in saturated fats. E.g. 1 portion - 3 cm cube of the cheese block = 3 grams of sat fat.
Their website says
Palm oil is an essential ingredient in our blocks and slices. It enables us to create the cheese-like texture of our products, which couldn’t be duplicated using another plant-based oil. This is because palm oil has very unique properties, making it solid at room temperature without hydrogenation. So many of our customers have thanked us for providing them with products that are as close to dairy-based cheese as possible, and palm oil allows us to do this.

Palm oil is just as bad for us as coconut oil and on the OMS Foods to Avoid list
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ot-to-Eat/

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Thank you to everyone! Won't be eating that anymore!
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