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Hi - I understand the potential problem with dairy products and the benefits of a move to soya or rice "milk". But all of these that I have looked at have a higher saturated fat percentage than skimmed milk - which comes in at a total of 0.1% total fat. Is it better to avoid milk, but have a higher dose of saturated fat from soya/rice - or use as small an amount of skimmed milk as possible? This isn't a taste issue, I have found both soya/rice milk perfectly aceptable alternatives to milk - I'm just concerned about the sat fat! Cheers Ross
Please read the section on 'Cows Milk Connection' under 'About MS' for information on why MS sufferers should avoid diary products.
Ross, That's a good question. Dr. Roy Swank, a professor of neurology who developed the Swank MS Diet, recommends that MS patients have no more than 15 grams of saturated fat each day, no transfats, and no mono- or diglycerides (which are transfats). He recommends eating between 20 and 50 grams of unsaturated fat each day. You might want to look at the Swank Foundation web site for more detailed information at www. SwankMSDiet.org Dr. Swank believes that saturated fats helps break down the blood/brain barriers is involved in the genesis of multiple sclerosis. Personally, I try to have less than 10 grams of saturated fat each day and shoot for even less than that.
Thanks Lisa, and thanks Rebecca.. bookmarked your site Rebecca- and my compliments, very professional and helpful! A bit more reading for me then! Cheers Ross
Hi, I have cut out all dairy from my diet but it has been suggested to me that altho there are problems with cows milk that low fat goats milk or sheeps milk yoghurt and cheeses are OK or at least less harmful because they are lower in lactose. What are your views on occasional consumption of sheeps milk or goats milk cheeses and or yoghurt?
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