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Hi everyone,

My mum has SPMS and I'm trying to help her improve her health using the OMS method but we are a little unsure on whether avoiding dairy also extends to avoiding other animal produce like Halloumi and Feta cheese?

It would be really appreciated if someone could help with this one :)

Thanks a lot,
Hi Luca

Welcome to the site. Hope you find any useful information and help you are searching for.
Yes dairy products include all cheeses made from milk. Sheep cheeses are sadly banned as well.
Have a look here


It answers most common questions, i remember reading about the dairy in there.

Have you got the OMS book? If you are able to get a copy it is a great and very useful read.

If you have any other questions please ask, there is lots of helpful members on this forum who are going through the same as your mum and/or yourself.

Good luck,

Hi Martina,

Thanks ever so much for your reply. I did think as much but wanted to check.

We do have the book and I am making my way through it, but unfortunately mum is partially sighted and so she can't really read it herself. I've searched high and low for an audio book version, but with no luck sadly (that might be a good idea for my next forum question actually!! haha).

Best wishes and thanks again,
Hi Luce,

I recently made this recipe vegan fetta cheese; it's quite tasty and might tickle your mum's tastebuds, too.

http://www.bedandbroccoli.com.au/recipe ... gan-fetta/


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Look out for The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Jo Stepaniak. Plenty to go at in there!
Thank you so much Cinderella and Susan :) I'll have a go at the feta and try and locate the book!

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