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Hi, My name is Polly and I was recently diagnosed with MS. I'm 54, but think I have probably had it for about 8 years. So far no disability and, I don't think I have a very aggressive case, but time will tell. I started Dr. Swank's diet as soon as I was diagnosed. In his diet he does allow non-fat yogurt. I have been using this daily. Is this a big issue? I see on your site you recommend no dairy at all?
Listen to Professor Jelineks podcast and read the comments too, which explain why even a tiny amount is harmful.
Unlike saturated fat, where the quantity seems very important, for cow’s milk we are talking about an immune reaction. The immune system recognises and reacts to the tiniest amount of a particular target protein. Look at someone with a peanut allergy for example. The tiniest amount in their food and they have a major reaction. So for cow’s milk, it is best to avoid it entirely.

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