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Not convinced by the rationale but I look forward to reading the results.

http://www.scotsman.com/news/chocolate- ... -1-3950412
nothing wrong with cocoa powder, their hot chocolate will no doubt have dairy and be sweetended with sugar of course they will have more energy and then crash!
Wish it was possible but no....

I will stick to my occasional cocoa drink I make with soy milk and honey...
That's what I stick to too. Or some energy balls. I too think it will a dairy sugary based drink. Won't be enrolling. :-)
or chocolate mousse made with cocoa and avocado and maple syrup
Yes that packet does not sound good.
If having Cocoa then have a tub of the pressed cocoa powder in the cupboad the sat fat ratio should be a lot less then the packet you might have. Hershey's do a cocoa powder that is very heavly pressed with little sat fat left in it.
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