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I'm afraid I do not understand. Sorry about that (English is not my first language).

Is it at all possible to buy cocoa powder that contains no or very little saturated fat?
Everywhere I look, it always contains about 6-7 gram of sat.fat per 100 gram (even the expensive organic raw cocoa powder).

Am I misunderstanding something? Or not searching well enough?

thanks, Marcel
It was my miss understanding.
I thought package meant a 1 cup serving size with 7 grams saturated fat.
The brand Hershey's cocoa powder is very low saturated fat. They do a 100% cocoa product.
Hi Marcel

I use one of the organic brands which contain 6.9g of Saturated fat per 100 grams.

I use one heaped teaspoon in soy milk with honey and out of interest, after reding this post, I have just weighed my teaspoon of cocoa at around 5g, that means there is about 0.4g of sat fat in my yummy drink.

I dont think that is going to make much of a dent in my 10g day target.

Enjoy your Cocoa :)
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