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I'm moving to Canberra.

I have soy yoghurt, flax oil and muesli for breakfast.

The only soy yoghurt I buy is Kingland Plain soy yoghurt. I find their fruit ones far too sweet.

Two questions:
does anyone know a reliable supplier of Kingland Plain Soy Yoghurt (Colesworth don't stock it, and IGA is often out).

Does anyone know any other non-dairy yoghurts?

Colesworth (or maybe just Woolies) do have an almond yoghurt, in small packs.
I find it far too sweet, and expensive.

Michael D.

The Kingland makers may be able to tell you who stocks their products.

Here in Victoria, I have been unable to find plain soy (or almond) yoghurt anywhere, though Kingland flavoured yoghurt is readily available in Woolworths.


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