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I am new to the site and working my way through the book. I have given up cows milk and understand the reasons why this is a good thing to do. However, i am a little confused about why goats milk is not good for you. I really also love feta cheese so advise would be great. Many thanks.
I'm afraid any animal products is a no no.
I drink soy or oat milk and use yeast flakes for a cheese flavour.
There are unfortunately no animal product cheeses that are complaint, and most of the shop bought vegan cheeses don't fit either, but the good news is, there are some around that are compliant, and that you can make yourself.

Look on youtube for Miyoko Schinner and Miyoko's Kitchen for videos of vegan cheese making.
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Shares 19, I do not know where you are located. At Whole Foods in the US, an almond-based "cheese" is made by Kite Hill. It's excellent. I use it to make vegan lasagna. The saturated fat can add up, though, so I go really light on it.
The reason for no animal milk is it has the same protein that looks like a protein in myelin which is attacked by the body.

Good suggestions by everyone. To be honest after a while you don't miss cheese. I find miso is far superior to yeast flakes if you want a cheese flavour in a sauce.
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