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Just wanted to know if any of the non-dairy creamers on the market are ok. I noticed a couple had some oils in them, but i havent been able to check them ALL so I wanted to know if anyone here has.

As I LOVE coffee and CANNOT drink it black, i wondered if anyone had a good substitute if none of the non dairy creamers are ok. I tdid try the almond milk, but hated it.

Also, I read on the summary that fat-free pastries, cookies etc are ok?? I am assuming this pertains only to ones you bake yourself??? What about any from health food stores such as Trader Joes??

Thanks so much!!!

Hi to be honest i have never found a good milk substitute for coffee.
The odd soy milk is ok when coffee is made in a machine while out and if I feel like something more substantial.
Some of them have a really strong flavour tho.

Before starting this program I began to dislike the taste of milk in my coffee so went cold turkey on the black coffee and have never looked back.
Same with tea where I found the secret is to not allow the tea to turn brown, keep it golden coloured water and you will not get any of the bitterness and need milk.

We have a lot of great coffee roasters in NZ eg Altura and Allpress to name a couple (both can be bought online).
When you drink it black you only taste the coffee so the flavour is everything; and the way it is made makes a huge difference too.

A long black with the proper creme on top is delicious; it should never be bitter or nasty.
So you might need to experiment with brands.

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Lauren, you are in the US - have you tried espresso type coffees like a long black that Kashu mentions? Small and intense in flavour! Have a jug of hot water on the side if you need to dilute it. I used to love milk in my coffee but couldn't stomach it now.

Most non dairy creamers actually start out as cows milk that is processed to remove any thing dairy, then other "stuff" added back in to make it "creamy". Sounds gross.


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My wife thought she could not be without coffee with milk at first, so we moved to a low fat creamer as i believed it to be a lesser evil. As time wore on and I understood more and more we realised that the fats and casein (milk protein) were also a big problem so the coffee mate and similar creamers all went.

I spent a good while then buying every other type of coffee whitener: almond, soy, nut milk, oat milk, rice milk and many others. You know what, they were all horrible. In the end, having coffee with these other types of creamer just made us realise that it tastes best with nothing at all. Just plain, decaff, with a small spoon of fruit sugar.

It is not the answer you wanted, but over time, it does get better and you just get used to it. It even tastes kind of funny with milk or anything else.

Marcus not all of those milk alternatives are created equal.

I am not suggesting that you go back from sticking to good old black coffee but just for general information out there the ONLY brand I ever use is Lima, the rest just don't cut the mustard and are not as healthy.

Lima is a marriage of French and Japanese dietary thinking. The Japanese for the macro influence and the French for the taste. Their's is the only product that is made with organic, 1st pressing oils and the best one for coffee I found is their cereals 'milk' product - a blend of rice, oat and soy. For anyone interested in learning more visit their website: http://en.limafood.com/. Their products are not available in Australasia and so I import some of their products privately, at great expense, because they are so much better for health and for taste.
Most of the non-dairy creamers have hydrogenated oils. They're also not usually non-dairy, having some milk ingredient that forces them to mark the package Kosher/Dairy.

I put almond milk in my coffee, but never quite enjoy it. Soy ends up being the closest to real milk. If you go to Starbucks and get frothed soy or a soy latte, it tastes even closer.

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