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Going back a month to Jette's post recommending The Clean Cake book - with the warning about the use of coconut oil limiting choice of recipes - I have bought the book (it is great) and wondered if any whizzy chef out there (Jack?) might be able to suggest an alternative for coconut oil in these recipes. As Jette said the coconut oil is used to solidify some of the recipes. Any ideas?

Many thanks

I use avocado pulp, and nut milk grind, (the pulp from making nut milk), and both provide a more buttery mouth feel to baked goods, though I'm more of a cookie cook than a cake cook!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Thanks Farrier - I will give it a try.

Farrier wrote: On the milk / protein questions, have you thought about making your own nut / seed milk?

I am not fond of the flavored milks, so now I make my own. Soy beans can make a passable substitute milk, there are lots of Youtube videos, and soy beans are cheap compared to commercial manufactured product, you can also drop a lot of the additives and extra ingredients.

If you don't want to go with soy, (I'd give it at least one attempt, but a long simmer will help greatly in the beany - metalic taste), try looking up Almond milk or oat milk.

On the symptom side, the OMS program has given me a diet that is becoming easier to stick to, and the more recipes I read and the more I look at common OMS substitutions, the simpler it is to make fun & enjoyable food. The biggest aid for me has been taking responsibility for my health back into my own hands.

By working at the whole program since last November, I have dropped 60 lbs, I still have balance and fatigue issues when I over do it on the day, but I'm a lot better at listening to what my body is telling me, and I'm more willing to say enough is enough.

I have supportive friends who help me get out in the open air, fishing and gentle walking, and I feel free now to tell them when I've done it long enough, and if they want to go further, I'll be happy to sit and await their return, (sometimes they go on sometimes they don't), but I feel good about giving them their own choices too.

A number of folks say that the hardest part of hhe program is the meditation, if that is difficult take it one small bite at a time, if it wasn't for the meditation, I would find it harder to hear what my body is suggesting, and much easier to slip into a depressed state, spending too buch time on the "why me" questions, and not enough on the "what's next" questions!

Hello all! I’m new to making nut or seed milk and am wondering what do you use to strain the milk from the pulp with? Also, where can one buy them? I’ve read a few different names; strainer bags or sprouting bags… any thoughts? Thanks everyone!! Be well, leigh
Strainer, cheese cloth, muslin, panti-hose/ stockings, fine sieve.

Cheese cloth / muslin, available from craft stores, whole food markets, online.

Strainers / fine sieves, available from Walmart or any good cooking shop, (cheesecloth too).

Stockings / panti-hose anywhere that sell them.
Be well, live long and prosper!
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