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Hi. I'm fairly new to the OMS diet. I stopped drinking cows milk years ago and I've not eaten cheese for almost a month. I love cheese too. I've not been using butter but I have been using Pure soya spread which I've noticed has palm oil in it as do a lot of spreads. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations? Also what's wrong with bread? Any help greatly appreciated. Feeli
Nothing wrong with brad but some breads are better than others, read the ingredients.
Depending on filling you might not need a spread. Hummous is nice, mashed avocado is nice, thin sliced tomato is nice.
I avoid palm oil for both the oms reason and because of the environmental impact.
Try almond butter, it's just almonds and it's lovely!

I don't eat any wheat based on a growing body of evidence that gluten can be detrimental to autoimmune conditions. I know George says there is insufficient evidence but it can be a trigger.
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I really enjoy a dip in or a drizzle of flax oil on bread or just have plain, your tastebuds do adjust
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Another oil that I use on fresh homemade crusty bread is a drizzle of olive oil.

There are recipes for sour cream (alternate), Mayo and vegetarian cheeze made with tofu.

I tend to use hummus as the glue that binds sandwiches together, or the avocado. The main problem I have is that the hummus and avocado upset the flavor of Marmite, and I love Marmite, so I tend to put it on dry toast, but then you end up using 4 or 5 times as much Marmite, and that becomes cost prohibitive.
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Thanks to those who replied and for some great suggestions. I already liked mashed avocado and I have certainly had olive oil with bread before. I think I have to change my mindset that bread needs butter or spread. Just a life's time habit I suppose. I'll almond butter a go too. Thanks again everyone.
Most of the rime I have nothing but I also make a cashew cream cheese which is a fairly neutral flavour.
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I've gotten use to drizzling flaxseed oil on toast, instead of butter. It's delicious with vegemite/marmite and even with jam.
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