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I am a newbie and have completed week one. Have been lurking on the site for months and been reading the book. Everyone's posts and comments have been so helpful, inspiring and encouraging. I really feel positive about embracing this new life style. Challenges seem to be going out for dinner and hanging with a bunch of foodies!! Took me two years to make this jump but I did. Although, Wish I had gone to the NY symposium, but wasn't ready then, and didn't realized USA trips are few.
Had quick question about yogurt? Tried a soy yogurt which was horrible. Any suggestions or other non diary yogurt idea?
Thanks again, you all are great and so supportive,
Enjoy the book read.
Could try a different soy brand.

I buy Alpro soya yoghurts - fruit flavour or plain. Not the chocolate/caramel desserts, I'm afraid! - not OMS compliant! - though having just had a quick look, the caramel might be OK.

Bear in mind that your tastebuds might take a while to adapt to new tastes - like someone who is trying to take tea without sugar, at first it doesn't taste 'right', but eventually your tastebuds are 're-trained'. When I first tasted almond butter, I thought it was really bland, because it doesn't contain all the nasty added sugar and salt of the peanut butter I was used to eating. Now though, I actually find it quite salty.

Good luck!
Welcome here! Good to have you with us.

I keep reading good things about cashew youghurt. I have never seen this available to buy so one has to make it oneself. The good thing is that it looks REALLY easy!

http://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recip ... ew-yoghurt

The recipe above suggests using a live soya youghurt as the starter culture but I think one can also buy vegan starter cultures in health food shops or online. If you want to avoid soya altogether.

Love to hear how you get on if you decide to make your own.

All best wishes,

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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
I make cashew soy yoghurt all the time. To start I found I had try different soy milks as some were horrible. You can use another dairy free yoghurt as a starter, buy one or do as I have just done and use dairy free probiotic culture capsules.
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Hi, I'm also new to OMS and the best vegan yogurt I have tried is almond milk yogurt from . No sketchy additives. You can get it at Whole Foods. I also like Kite Hill's vegan cream cheese!
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