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I have a friend who is allergic to cows milk protein, but he finds that he can eat yoghurt with no ill effects. I assume this means the protein is altered in the yoghurt-making process, and so the protein is different to that in other milk products. Is it possible that yoghurt is more acceptable for people with MS than other cows milk products?
I think no, if you like yogurt you could try soy yogurt. OMS is no dairy.
Yes, I would agree with Veg. One person's allergy cannot be compared to an MS immune system response. I would really steer clear of all dairy,
Hi CaraB,

Since my diagnosis; I was saddened to realize that dairy was now a no-no, but there is a product out there that provides me with a yoghurt that's 100% plant based, 100% tasty and soya.
They also make soy milk in different varieties that has no detrimental affect on my MS.
The Belgian company who make this product is called alpro and I buy my supply from all the major supermarkets.

I hope this helps.
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