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I did this at a restaurant who made a mistake. Much like you it was just one bite, but I did swallow it and suffered no long term symptoms.

The main thing is, not to worry about it. I think of it as rolling the dice - if a double 6 causes a relapse, then I'd rather not roll the dice, but one roll is very unlikely to cause a relapse. You didn't get a relapse every time you ate cheese before OMS and so you won't now.

The worse thing you can do is worry. This happened in the past and nothing you do now will affect that, but the worry itself could make things worse.

Relax and have a great holiday. Have you gone somewhere nice?
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I agree with Geoff Alex: I wouldn’t worry!
Although this little bit of cheese is less than optimal, it is, in my opinion, very unlikely that this one-time unintentional mistake will cause any harm! It’s a question of probabilities. Yes, even small quantities of milk are to be avoided, but the small one-time amount of the milk protein butyrophilin that this bit of cheese may have contained, has only a tiny chance to trigger an immune response. Plus: Your gut flora will be much better after two strict years of OMS, and that will probably help to keep harm off.
In the entire first year after I had adopted the OMS diet (or had thought I had adopted it) I unintentionally continued to consume small amounts of dairy (many times!), because I was ignorant of the whey powder or milk protein which many bakeries add to the dough of their breads and bread rolls. Only by chance I then discovered my mistake and could correct it. I suffered no relapse or flare-up during that first year of (not so perfect) OMS diet. I can not exclude the possibility that this intake of dairy may have fuelled some ongoing “underground” inflammation, but there was absolutely nothing that I could notice. So I concluded that I had not suffered much from my mistake – which was much, much bigger than yours, because I hat eaten this bread many times, not only once.
Don’t worry! Enjoy your vacation and continue benefitting from the OMS lifestyle!
Best wishes
I intentionally ate an entire slice of pumpkin pie this morning so I'm a lot worse than you haha :D and I am not having any symptoms (I am pretty much following the rest of the program except no vitamin D supplementation).
Not that you should do that but one small unintentional lapse is unlikely to cause a symptom.
I also think the fact that it was unintentional does affect it in some weird way. At the very least intentionally eating food you know you shouldn't gets your head in a certain place.
Pretty much it's like the double 6 person said. Intentionally rolling the dice is not smart but an occasional lapse here or there is probably not going to trigger MS symptoms. However if you add a little cheese to a lot of stress that is basically like rolling 2 die rather than 1 and could cause issues.
Not that stress is something to stress over. Stress is a natural part of life and being stressed out about stress or any natural part of life will just make things worse.
Just like accidentally eating foods you shouldn't is a natural part of life and being stressed out about it will just make the problem worse.
Not that that's what you're doing. You didn't say you were stressed, just that you were (and I quote) "not relaxed". I suppose it's possible the small amount of cheese affected you in some way (though I rate the chances of that being very low) but is it also possible this is a psychological thing?
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