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Hi there,

First post from me :oops:

So I'm having problems giving away dairy and just made some soy ice cream today - is this something we're allowed to have on the diet? See recipe below:

1 cup of soy milk
500g of frozen peaches (I used peaches, but you can substitute with anything)
2 tablespoons of sugar

Blend, then freeze or eat straight away.

I'm hoping to get the thumbs up as it was really really really nice!!

Thanks in advance,
Simone :)
Hi Simone,

Yum looks like a great treat. Will have to try it.

Wow, so this is something I can eat! I'm very excited :) It even tastes better than any dairy ice cream I've ever had.

Hope you enjoy it :)
It looks great - I will try it and use raw sugar so it fits perfectly in the diet!

The other ice cream which is really worth trying is banana - mashed bananas freeze really well.


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So funny, I just logged on to write about banana icecream and found this fabulous recipe! Last night I had a dinner party for friends and fed everyone with the diet.

I first made falafels, which I bake so as not to use oil. Hummus dip. Bought wholemean pita pockets, cut up cucumber, tomato, capsicum, mushrooms and spinach and served "MAKE YOUR OWN KEBAB"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People have never given me so many compliments! I did make some chicken for those who are a bit scared of falafel.

To dessert I made the chocolate mocca self saucing pudding in the recipe section of this website and then made homemade walnut- banana icecream to serve with the sickly sweet puddings. Here is the recipe.

Mash 4 over ripe bananas
Add 1/4 cup of soy milk

Stir until creamy

Freeze an hour and then take out and stir again until cream

Put back in the freezer, and repeat this process three times adding a little bit of new milk everytime to make it easier to stir.

At the end blend, add 1/4 cup of crushed walnuts and freeze for 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

People were absolutely speechless.................quiet round the table!

This was truly a fabulous dinner party and everyone felt healthy and satisfied afterwards.

It always makes me laugh when people say, it really is better to eat this way:)

Everyone should be on this diet!!!!

(P.S. It is rare I eat these chocolatey desserts now, and I have to say even though it's approved I was truly nauseas after this, in a very satisfied way)
I love to cook too and just like j_randles I've found that "diet" food goes down very well at dinner parties! My last one was a big platter of healthy nibbles (olives, roasted garlic, white bean hummus, bread, crispy kale) followed by baked salmon and salads, dessert was rhubarb sorbet and brown sugar meringues.

Rhubarb sorbet is so creamy but it's just rhubarb and sugar! I posted the recipe in recipes section a while ago.

I'm going to try the fruit/soy milk idea with canned mangos and pistachios to make kulfi to follow an indian meal (diet of course!).

PS wholemeal pita bread are easy to make at home - I use my breadmaker on pizza setting, and they cook in 2 minutes in a very hot oven.

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ooo, so many options! I'm keeping a list in my notepad - and I didn't think to add nuts to ice cream.
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