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Hi everyone

I'm finding that I'm really missing cheese since giving up dairy. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if other types of cheeses, for example goat's cheese, are OK for people with MS to eat?

Thanks in advance

No not that I am aware of - cow, goat it's all dairy! I used to love cheese and even today I found myself looking longingly at someone's packet of Manchego cheese. Not touched the stuff since May it's a closed door and closed it will remain.

It's not easy but the alternative partnership is far worse - cheese and relapses.

All the best with the holding off.
Hi Alison
Like you, I'm really missing cheese. I didn't think that I ate that much before, but looking through all of my favourite recipes, I now realise that I in fact had a lot more than I thought. I'm finding it hard too becuase all of the things my kids love for dinner have cheese in them, so cooking for the family is becoming quite a challenge. I have discovered a new product (in Woolworths, Sydney) called Carnation Light and Creamy Soy Milk, that you can use in cooking for making creamy pasta dishes etc. I have just made a bacon and mushroom pasta (using soy bacon of course) and the soy cooking milk. It does contain soy oil but I think as an occasional treat it would be ok as the saturated fat content is very low. If the recipe works out ,I'll post it on the recipe section and let you know. Hope this might help.
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