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Hi, I am super grateful to be on board the OMS sunray (my visualisation, instead of being on a boring bus or train ;-) ). I wish to ask about ingredient lists. My apologies if this has been asked before.

I take it if milk or eggs are in an Ingredients list it is a no-no…?

I understand the whole foods approach and we shouldn’t be having much processed food but especially coming in to Christmas (and maybe a gluten free mince tart treat), I just wanted to check.

Thank you, fabulous people!
Hi, welcome to oms. You've made a great start to being in control of your ms.
Oh those ingredient lists! I can remember spending hours at the start reading them.
From my point of view I'd say stay away from anything with milk or eggs in the list, apart from egg whites which are ok for us.
Also mincemeat usually contains some sort of lard or beef fat(a hangover from the days when mince pies were actually minced meat with fruit).
If you look at the recipes on this site you will find some good alternatives. Plus there's an oms cookbook and some great vegan books(watch out for coconut oil).
Oms doesn't require you to be gluten free, although some people avoid it if they think it makes their ms play up.
I know it sounds trite but maybe think of it being a treat for you is also a treat for the ms.
You will find yummy things that are oms friendly, it's just a bit of a bore at first.
Good luck, L
It definitely gets easier as the time goes by. A little late but this link might come in hand:
https://overcomingms.org/latest/have-yo ... -christmas
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