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I have found the best core strength exercise since having a baby 4 years ago!

Get to a corner of the pool in a deep end if poss and prop yourself up on your elbows, facing the pool so your feet are off the floor. Then with your legs together and core muscles activated pretend you're on the pummel horse and swing your legs from side to side keeping in an upright position. Then do front leg raises and figure of eights, keeping as straight as you can.

Make sure you don't do what I did and get so carried away you do way too much and have to crawl straight home to bed!

For me this exercise is really hard work so I can use it as 10 mins of my 30mins cardio workout, if you're strong enough you could do it with a paddle float or similar between your ankles.

I've added this exercise 3 times now to my swim session and my muscles feel stronger already, I'm don't feel nearly as wobbly as I normally do and I'm sure I can pick my knees up higher when I'm walking.

Definitely give it a try if you want to strengthen your core!

Sounds great, I can't get to a pool easy so I cycle and has the effect too of making legs strong to lift the knees, if I do it very regularily.
I'm hoping to be able to get use the bike a bit more soon, my legs stiffen up after about 2mins so my knees then don't bend easily. I think I remember correctly that my neuro physio said weak core muscles can increase leg stiffness.

The bike is such a good low impact exercise, I'm looking forward to getting back on it!
I found pilates core stability exercises great for improving my balance and coordination
Hello @KatieRose. No doubt the actual post is very old but it is very unfortunate that discussion is very less on this valuable topics. I can say here that Deadlift is mine all time favourite exercise for core strengthening as this is a full body workout that works on all muscle groups mainly on back, glutes and hamstrings.
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